About TIME OF VIBES Founder

About me - Thomas:

After working in various advertising agencies for 12 years - including 6 years for a big clothing retail chain - I moved to a large German sportswear company in Herzogenaurach. Here I first worked in the sports department before moving to the Sport Style Division. After excursions the last years into the TV industry and tourism, I'm now back to my roots and my passion. Fashion.

Well, I was really frustrated - cool clothes cost an outrageous amount of money or everyone wears the same clothes around. We also do not have to go into detail about the conditions for fashion mass production in some countries.
Corona has also shown how vulnerable society is. We want to have fun in life all the more now. So my question to myself was - is there fashion that suits my personality and individuality, is affordable and still does something for climate protection or against climate change? With TIME OF VIBES I try that. Have fun with our products.


But nobody can save the planet alone - but it is up to us to at least deliver a piece of it! Step by step...




Thanks for your support to make the fashion planet a little bit better and enjoy your TIME OF VIBES products!

Best Thomas