Corporate Fashion

We're not talking about promotional items here - we're talking about your own corporate collection (clothing and accessories)!

The possible uses are versatile and obvious - e.g.:

- Staff equipment
- High-quality giveaways for customers/partners
- Gifts for employees (christmas, anniversary etc.)
- Generating additional income from sales
- Branding and promotion for your business
- ...

However, this often fails due to minimum order quantities, design restrictions and the necessary financial investment in advance. Or because of production and logistic challenges. Or just everything together.

TIME OF "Business" VIBES solves all these challenges for you.

Benefits for your company with TOV:

Completely free design
Individual design of your items (full design including seam color, cuffs, etc. - depending on the product). The products are selected and designed together with you. Closely related to your company's CD, of course - with 175 colors to choose from, you're sure to find the right one(s). The TOV branding can only be seen discreetly.

Very little financial investment necessary
Almost no financial risk for you, since all products are only produced after order. Almost - only because a refund of the items would be possible and these costs could arise.
And there are low one-off design costs! But there are no minimum order quantities, purchase commitments or long-term contract periods.
You will be billed monthly for sales on a commission basis. The online payment of the shop ensures accurate and fair billing.

No logistics etc. necessary
We automatically take care of distribution, logistics and the complete payment management at no additional cost.

Own shop page immediately
We take over your own shop page ( and maintain the content. German and English are integrated as languages ​​- currency EURO. Other foreign languages ​​and currencies are also possible on request. Your web shop is immediately live and functional - including SEO optimization.

Preview of a company collection side here



All of our products already have to meet high quality standards. All products are individual and handmade - and are only made after ordering. We can really customize every part for you down to the last detail (seam color and cuffs included!). So not just a small logo on the chest or a front print. The complete article will be designed for you or your company.

Product selection - see our collections:

- Duffle bag
- Gym bag
- Backpack
- Tote bag
- Fanny pack
- T-Shirt
- Sweater/Pullover
- Hoodies
- Blouson Jackets

Other products possible on request.



The prices on our website are retail prices including VAT. Your purchase prices are of course lower and depend on the product selection. Of course, if you order the products in larger quantities, we also grant quantity discounts. You also set the selling prices for your products.

For more information and/or a first non-binding conversation, I am of course always at your disposal. To contact us please send an email to: